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WordPress June 2015 su

Par défaut

OK so 2 accounts, mine A and mum B, won’t tell name of internet hostings.

My A Side

== I have this plugin ==

Increase Max Upload Filesize

This plugin increase upload size limit up to 250Mb and more

Very Lightweight- Only 2KB

Installation very easy, just install & enjoy.

Any problem, Please Check FAQ Tab.

  • In the admin panel under plugins page, click Add New
  • go to Upload tab
  • browse « upload_max_file_size » and click install now
  • Click Active plugin
  • Increase File size size by click on Max File Size menu on the left hand side
  • Click on max_file_size and then enter the value in bytes Like: 262144000 bytes or 262144000 (You can Enter more value how much you want)
  • Example:(Like: 262144000 bytes = 250MB)
  • Enjoy!

Les deux sont dépassés, j’essaye le dernier.

Now google is not anymore giving the same conversion.
Now 10 megabytes = 10 000 000 bytes
So 15 megabytes = 15 000 000 bytes
So I have to change data to: 15000000
So now I can upload my bought themes and my bought plugins.

== Update themes and plugins and Increase memory size for Woo (although I won’t sell here, it’s just fix the error) ==

Premium themes – you must uncompress them then rename them like theme-july2015 to be able to update them manually. And to know all changes you’ve made. Selling website (or authors) can help if problems. Usually just re-zip does it.

Premium plugins – still don’t know how to read them, but read licence carefully. Some 1 domain only, others illimited domains. Have read the comments asking about that because Licences not understoodable, but when there is key, key blocks if you don’t first say, well there is a button to say stop key, de-activate, before you can re-install in same site or move to other site. So if wordpress deleted or if you move site (or if you test) you must de-activate then activate key, or ask authors inside selling site to de-activate it, that’s what I read. One time created plugins don’t have keys, keys is update function (alike repositories + keys).

Everything is pretty unsure here. I won’t install no more plugins that sends me thousands of e-mails about memory usage of an empty wordpress never used, because it sees memory usage of hosting and it thinks it’s my memory usage.

A- I am trying. Take 2: Create or re-use .user.ini inside /html (one per website) to set and change php limit size in managed WordPress. Since it is one per website and that I have a plugin with it inside. So change this plugin php files:

/home/My FTP username in my hosting/html/wp-content/plugins/upload-max-file-size/help

there is php.ini, php5.ini and .user.ini and .user.ini is a hidden file in Linux (so authorize hidden files, authoriser les fichiers cachés et juste rentrer dedans avec ouvrir en le tapant si on ne le voit pas). On les récupèrera avant avec FTP, puis on les re-mettra comme cela. So I won’t create a 4th php, since by seraching in FTP I already have 3 of them, not in /html, but in their folders and they are working so change them. I did not understood max limit of my host so let’s try max of max in host: 128 (but in some cases can be infinite).


memory_limit = 128;
upload_max_filesize = 1024M
post_max_size = 1024M
php_value max_execution_time 500
php_value max_input_time 500


memory_limit = 128;
upload_max_filesize = 1024M
post_max_size = 1024M
php_value max_execution_time 500
php_value max_input_time 500


file_uploads = On
post_max_size = 1024M
upload_max_filesize = 1024M
memory_limit = 128;

and then FTP in the plugin folder: /home/My FTP username in my hosting/html/wp-content/plugins/upload-max-file-size/help

and let the plugin do the trick (oh they won’t update it hahaha) (tips: 1- serach in Filezilla FTP and 2- Just drag and Drop with FTP to replace files.)

I’ll see later if it works, let it sleep =)

Mum B side

(noo wordpress is not saving :/)

Anyway the low price website forever (no names) is worse then free unlimited site where I can get better material service.

I created subdomain to install wordpress and keep cpanel space for other things.
I did not create e-mail because https is said to be protected by themselves and we must ignore don’t enter.

Softaculous is free demo version so can’t install nothing lol, even free forever that delete sites have paid to get paid version for us lol. But anyway I created a database in PhpMyAdmin that didn’t look very evolved, created user and added permissions to user.

Then I’ll install by hand WordPress I have downloaded, I think I’ll have to SFTP it unzipped.

Now I have to create SFTP connection… complicated but will find out =) I already had created SSH key. But is the password, the password for SFTP? Did I understood it all ? Must I create a new FTP account ? I’ll test until it works.

Saw this, will read:

Couldn’t do SFTP, did FTP. Had to create all database like in PC, so did it and had put same information in WordPress for it to connect to DB. So what I can do at home, I can do online. Besides site puts you offline if you put wrong FTP.

Let’s go for installs !!!

What were my plugins ???


Still not there, I’ll keep mum’s hosting : it’s one small space, wow they answer quick and nice and precise =) ❤ ❤ <3, can install WordPress with FTP but they’ll soon have one click =) Sure they will keep because limited space.

And my hosting is also a buy once for all your life, but with adds, sure they will keep, not because of space: all unlimited hahaha, but because of adds. So that’s 2 choices of buy once: either limited space, either with adds. So A still A and B is new B.

I must be crazy to pay for a website with adds but they promised quality inside and all unlimited and all for life no more annual payments, so good, hehehehe, a lot of good hopes.

And no worries about site being deleted because I paid for infinity =)