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Warning: avoid outdated explanations in informatics

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Hello, everyone please, informatics depends on TIME so always check calendar date before trying anything, when it’s not your year, it’s because suggestions are old, so unless you know, no reason to try them =) Upgrade your  » news  » on terminal codes to solve your issues please ~_^

Time runs faster in this field then in other fields and yet all fields do evolve at different time rates. It’s in the same time a danger and a luck, and yes even if you erase history it’ll catch you up in every field because time is inconscient and can run twice as fast if you erase it. So you must live with respect to your past (even if it’s shit and berk) and at the sime time watch for your future. Destiny is heavy but anyone can have the strength to push it up.

Good luck everyone in finding your path in this known world =)


Installer le scanner Epson Perfection 1250 Photo

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======================= Old / Périmé (c’est que une petite modif en commentaire) ===========================================

Utiliser le scanner Epson Perfection 1250 Photo

Vieux scanner listé comme non compatible mais finalement compatible. Remerciements à sane-devel les créateurs du pilote.

Installer le pilote et l’éditeur d’images.

echo « Installer le pilote plustek du scanner. » && sudo apt-get install libsane; echo « Installer Image Magick. » && sudo apt-get install imagemagick ;

Tester le scanner

echo « Tester le scanner »; cd ~; mkdir Images-scan; cd ./Images-scan; scanimage -d plustek –resolution 200 -x 1654 -y 2339 > « document 01.pnm »; echo « Transforme tous les PNM en JPG. »; mogrify -format jpg *.pnm; cd ~;

Utiliser le scanner

cd ./Images-scan; scanimage -d plustek –resolution 200 -x 1654 -y 2339 > « document 01.pnm »; mogrify -format jpg *.pnm;